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window objet candle
NOTE: candles are made to order. please expect a 1-2 week turnaround time.

a simple reminder to stop daydreaming and go outside once in a while :o)
white base with choice of color for the windowpane. unscented.
mold handmade in korea by original artist.

note: i suggest using these candles only as decor, because they are thin and will burn quickly as well as topple over. if you do plan on burning it, please keep it burning under supervision on a heatproof surface away from anything flammable.

these pillar candles are made mainly for interior decoration, but if you plan on lighting it, please make sure to read about candle safety beforehand.
    • soy + beeswax blend
    • cotton wick
    • please read about safely burning candles before burning!
    • because this is a handmade candle, there may be slight imperfections.
    • as each candle is hand poured individually, size and weight may vary slightly.
    • please do not eat! 
    • soy wax candles tend to have "frosting" on the surface. this is inevitable with the plant-based wax.

    • please trim candle wick to at least 1/4” (approximately .63cm) before lighting for a cleaner and less smoky burn. please burn candle on a fireproof surface or in a vessel for pillar candles.

    size: approximately 2.25" x 3.75"
    weight: approximately 5 oz. / 140 g. 

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